MAY DAY- Desire of Boston

MAY DAY- Starbucks in Boston

Starbucks Coffee 97 Charles St Boston, MA 3812

MAY DAY- The Laundratte in Boston

MAY DAY- The Balcony in Boston

MAY DAY- Rainy Boston

MAY DAY- Mayday in Boston

MAY DAY- Prudential & Copley Place in Boston

Legal Sea Foods
Copley Place 100
Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

MAY DAY- Girl of Boston

MAY DAY- Harvard Square in Boston

Drawn by CB at Pizzeria UNO

Uno Chicago Grill
22 JFK Street HarvardSquare
Cambridge, MA 02138

MAY DAY- Quitting Boston

MAY DAY- Flight 421


MAY DAY- Things I Consumed

MAY DAY- Istanbul via franKURT

MAY DAY- Losing Altitude.. I Dream of Istanbul

"..They created me but I wish they hadn’t do it
The jet was shaking, whoa we’re going down
Its outta control, we’re plummeting to the ground
We’re losing altitude and we’re going down fast
I jumped into my seat and then the plane crashed
I was okay except for a few bruises
Everyone else dead, good fucking losers
But now my dream has come true and I’m free
To take out all my aggression on humanity
And I will make them pay, for being so inhuman
And then they wonder why I’m so fucking insane

"Lyric by Mark Owen